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The Serbian Shooting Sport Federation in cooperation with BG Sport Center Kovilovo will organize the European Championships 2011 with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Serbia, and the Secretariat for Sport and Youth of the city of Belgrade.

Organizing Committee new contact details:

Organizing Committee ECH 2011

BG Sport Center Kovilovo                                  

Ul. Zrenjaninski put 170           
11211 Belgrade, Serbia      
Phone:           +381-11-2075-274/2075-272
Fax:                +381-11-2075-263


Arrival 31st July
Official Training 1st August
Opening Ceremony 1st August
Technical Meeting 1st  August
Competitions (see detailed schedule) 2nd August – 13th August
Departure 14 th August

A preliminary schedule of events is included with this program. A final training and competition schedule will be provided to all nations at the Technical Meeting on 1st August.  Elimination rounds will be conducted as necessary, depending on the number of event entries.

The BG Sports Center Kovilovo is located at a distance of 15 km from the center of Belgrade, at approximately 35 km from the Belgrade International Airport “Nikola Tesla”. The travelling time from the range to the official hotels, by bus or by car, is approximately 30 minutes. The 300m Shooting range is located in the city of Pančevo, 20km away from Belgrade city center.

Kovilovo shooting complex has:

  • 25m shooting range: 8 groups with 5 targets
  • 50m shooting range: 80 targets
  • Clay target shooting range: 6 ranges for trap, skit and double trap

Pančevo shooting ranges has:

  • 300m shooting range : 40 targets

For Rifle – Pistol, Sius Ascor electronic targets will be used for all elimination, qualification, and final competitions. The Shooting range doesn’t have a separate Finals Hall. Finals for all events will be held, on the qualification shooting ranges.
The clay target throwing machines for shotgun are Mattarelli from Italy and the acoustic release systems from Elfipa Italy. The Skeet ranges operate wiht acoustic release system. The colour of the clay targets that will be used during the competition will be orange. Flash orange clay targets will be used for all the finals.

In the BG Sports Center Kovilovo there is a 5 star hotel “President“ with a swimming pool, restаurants, sports fields, large parking space, shop, armory, ambulance. The whole complex has wireless internet facility which will be available for all participants for free.

For all those participants that will arrive at the Belgrade International Airport “Nikola Tesla”, the Organizing Committee will provide transportation free of charge to the official hotels, starting on the arrival and departure days. If travel information is provided to the Organizing Committee, a representative will be at the Belgrade International Airport “Nikola Tesla” baggage claim to greet your delegation.
Participants that will arrive by bus, car or train, must inform the Organizing Committee of the date, hour and border crossing, so that the we can provide simple and fast procedure for entry.

Entry to BG Sports Center Kovilovo will be accessible by using all means of transportations: Official transportation provided by the Organizing Committee (between the range and the official hotels), personal vehicles, taxi services.
The Sports Centre will be open to the public.

National federations may enter three shooters in each competition event plus two extra shooters for MQS in all Olympic events (see ESC Statutes & General Regulations 6.5.6).
Preliminary event entries must be made directly with the ISSF on their website or by fax to 49-89-544355-44, not later than 28th  February of 2011. All Final entries including officials must be made also directly with the ISSF. All other forms are to be faxed or scanned and emailed to the Organizing Committee.

Entries received by the ISSF after the 30th June will be charged with a late entry fee of €50 per event (see ISSF General Regulations

Each athlete will receive a start number. Start numbers must be displayed in accordance with the ISSF Rules during all trainings and competitions.

Payments must be made in Euros or RS Dinars. Payments in RS Dinars will be transacted at the prevailing Euro and RS Dinar exchange rate. No other currency will be accepted.  Money can be exchanged at the BG Sports Center Kovilovo, International Airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade and many banks and exchange offices in down town, with similar exchange rates.

Event entry fees are €170 per event, per participant for competition and MQS entries, which includes local transportation. Officials and non-shooters will be charged €50 for accreditation and local transportation. The Hotel accommodation fee must be paid in advance (50% minimum untill 30th June), with remaining balance due on 31st July at the Competition Office at the BG Sports Center Kovilovo.
All hotel fees should be paid in advance not later than 30th June 2011 by bank remittance (for details national federations should contact Organizing Committee).

All Nations must submit a separate firearms and ammunition form for each shooter. The tax fee is 1.000 RS Dinars (approximately 10 Euros) per gun and it has to be paid on the border. Make one copy for each shooter who will attend, complete each form entirely and either fax or email the forms to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible. Every shooter must have a copy of the firearms and ammunition form at the border, upon arrival.  Team leaders of every group must have one list with the names of all the participating shooters with their firearm details and passport numbers.



Rates in Euro


Single 120
Double 160


Single 115-135
Double 140-160

IN Hotel****

Single 140
Double 170

Best Western Hotel M****
Holiday Inn****
Best Western Hotel Sumadija****

Single 105
Double 130

Slavija Lux***

Single 90
Double 110

Hotel Srbija***
Hotel N***

Single 65
Double 90

Rates are per room per night, inclusive of breakfast and VAT.

All hotel reservations must be made through the Organizing Committee and would be on a first come, first serve basis. Please use the “Hotel Reservation” and “Rooming List” forms included with this program and make the final reservations no later than 30th June. Room cancellations after the 27th July will be charged one night’s room rate.

Delegations and individuals are responsible for paying their own meals, telephone, and miscellaneous charges. A cash deposit or credit card may be required by the hotel for telephone charges and incidentals.

 Team leaders must confirm the final entries and hotel reservations upon arrival. Final payment for entries, transportation and hotel are due on 31st July or 1st August of 2011 and will be paid directly to the Organizing Committee at the Competition office in BG Sports Center Kovilovo 

Manufacturers and firearm companies will exibit in the BG Sports Center Kovilovo during the Championships.       

Delegations must insure that each participating shooter has an ISSF Identification number (ID) provided by the ISSF to be eligible to participate in the competition. The athlete’s member federation must apply directly to the ISSF for ID numbers.

All athletes, coaches, team officials, and judges must have a European Championships Belgrade 2011 accreditation listing the family name, given name, country, and facial photograph to enter the BG Sports Center Kovilovo and use the official transportation between the hotels and range. The Credentials will be prepared by the Organizing Committee from the ISSF records. Accreditation cards may be received only by the Team Leader or Coach and will be available at the Competition office. For any athlete, coach or official not having personal information and photo at ISSF, credentials will be made upon arrival at the Competition office.

An excellent lunch service as well as drinks and snack items will be available daily in the hotel “President“ and in the BG Sports Center Kovilovo coffee shops and restaurants. A wide variety of restaurants are located at the hotels and in the nearby areas within walking distance.  

Gun storage for firearms and ammunition will be provided at the BG Sports Center Kovilovo as well as at Pančevo shooting range. The shooters will not be allowed to carry their Firearms to the hotels. A storage space will be provided also for equipment bags at the shooting ranges.

Qualified officials with an ISSF “A” or “B” judge’s license have been appointed by the ESC to serve as Jury and Jury of Appeal at the Championships.

The competition will be conducted in accordance with the ISSF Official Statutes, Rules and Regulations and ESC Statutes and General Regulations.

The weather in Belgrade in August is normally very warm with slight chance of rain and high humidity. Average temperature in August is 23°C with daily highs between 30°C and 35°C (approximately between 86 deg F and 95 deg F).

A Technical Meeting will be held for all team leaders and coaches on the 1st August of 2011 at 1:00 pm at the Congress Hall, near the hotel ”President”. Each participating federation is required to have at least one representative present to receive updated information, and final training and competition schedules.

There will be an Opening Ceremony on the 1st August at 8 pm at the BG Sports Center Kovilovo.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place athletes in each individual and team event. 

The Organizing Committee will conduct doping control according to the ISSF anti-doping control regulations under the supervision of the ESC Anti-Doping Control Officer and the Technical Delegate. Anti-doping testing will be conducted in all events for the medal winners plus one random test that may be selected from either the qualification round or finals competition.

All Rifle and Pistol participants must bring their own ammunition to the Championships.
Shotgun cartridges (Baschieri and Pellagri, RC) will be sold at the BG Sports Center Kovilovo at the price of € 5.00 to € 8.00 per box – 25 cartridges.

The use of steel shot will not be allowed in the competition.
Those countries that require Serbian visa should submit applications to the Serbian Embassy. Detailed information regarding visa formalities can be found at
Every country that requires visa for entering Republic of Serbia must send to the Organizing Committee Visa Support Form.









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